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"Nathan Adrian" 3X gold medal Olympic swimmer | Who Are You Sports

Nathan Adrian” is an “Olympic” swimmer who won “gold medals” in both the “Beijing” and “London” “Olympics“. In addition, Nathan has earned numerous other awards and broken both “American” and “Internationalswimming records. His next stop is “Rio in 2016.

Nathan has swum with the best in the world including earning a Gold Medal with “Michael Phelps, “Matt Grevers and “Brendan Hansen in the 4 x 100 Medley Olympic Relay competition.

Listen in to this two part series as Nathan shares his journey, his “Olympic” experience, how his parents supported him every step of the way and, as a special treat, his time spent on the Discovery Channel Series, “Mythbusters!”

Nathan has also become an Ambassador for the “USA Swimming Foundation, the philanthropic arm of USA Swimming.  Along with “Anthony Ervin, “Janet Evans and “Rowdy Gaines, Nathan will continue to join Make A Splash Tour events around the country.  The goal of the Foundation and the Tour is to raise national awareness about the importance of learning to swim.

Audio Interview only.  Sorry, file too big to upload the audio so you’ll have to go to the link to listen.

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Anonymous asked: And I'm a fan of the Summer Olympic Games :) especially swimming) What is your favorite movie?

too many to name! I’m kinda old skool with my faves but I love (in no particular order) reality bites, the breakfast club, pretty woman (who doesn’t love this one???), pulp fiction, mean girls and 500 days of summer. :). You???

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Anonymous asked: Did you like the opening of the Olympic Games in Sochi? :)

It was allllright.  You?  TBH, I’m obviously a bigger fan of the Summer Olympics than the Winter Olympics ;)

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Anonymous asked: What music do you listen to? :)

hi anon!  pretty much everything except country (no offense country music fans!).  i’m pretty partial to rock though :)

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Anonymous asked: Alright does the man's new GF have a first name? Writing a piece doesn't happen when details are incomplete:( With love from China xoxo

Hallie :)